Read These Blogs & Save Money

There is so much good content available from blogs for small businesses these days, but how do you sort through it all to find trusted quality sources? We sifted through the web’s myriad offerings to find the 10 best blogs for saving you and your small business money.

  1. Get Rich Slowly – Only a select few can get rich quickly, but a lot of us can get rich slowly. J.D. Roth and other guest bloggers share their strategies for saving money, along with debt elimination and investing tips. Named the most inspiring money blog by Money magazine.
  2. Early Retirement Extreme – How does retiring in your early 30s sound? Jacob Lund Fisker has, and he shares his inspiring story on his blog. Fisker’s blog is the kind of blog where you find yourself wanting to read every single entry. Actually, it’s much more than a blog, it’s an engrossing ongoing story about his insightful and motivating journey to early retirement.
  3. Jean Chatsky – Financial journalist, motivational speaker, author, and Today financial editor shares her smart money choices on her blog. Jean works “in the trenches with real people,” so her advice is practical, simple, and easy to follow. Jean often focuses her advice on women, but that’s no reason men can’t listen in, too.
  4. Cool Checks – Read money management stories about successful entrepreneurs, and learn ways to improve your financial situation through financial and entrepreneurial ideas on the Cool Checks blog.
  5. CBS Money Watch – This network of blogs provides practical financial advice about savings, career, retirement, investing, and more through its joint effort with business experts from BNET and CBS News. Financial expert bloggers include Ray Martin, Jane Bryant Quinn, Steve Vernon, and others.
  6. All Business – Get helpful advice on saving money on your small business operations from the “budgeting” blog at All Business. Sample articles include ways to stretch your technology budget and tips on saving money on office supplies.
  7. Wise Bread – Wise Bread provides frugal living, career, and deal information from a personal finance standpoint, but it also has a small business blog that focuses on helping small businesses save money.
  8. I Will Teach You to Be Rich – New York Times bestselling author Ramit Sethi shares tips on entrepreneurship, personal finance, and becoming rich. His advice gets right to the point and is primarily aimed at young adults.
  9. Bootstrapping a Start-Up – From the producers of Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek, Bootstrapping a Start-Up provides a compilation of business bootstrapping blog posts and articles from hundreds of diverse sources. Learn “How to Grow a Business (With Little Cash)” and “5 Cost -Cutting Tips for Small Business Owners” by stopping here.
  10. – Our partner site, focuses on personal finance news and advice, but articles like “7 Ways to Save on Take Out Food,” “How to Fill for Less and Make Your Gas Tank Last Longer,” and “Creative Financing Tips for Small Businesses” are applicable to entrepreneurs too.

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